Happiness at work in times of COVID-19

We have been experiencing a continuous increase in our work and life rhythm for several years now.

This is accompanied by rapidly changing organizational models within the corporate world. For some employees, this is a virtue for their personal development. A scourge for others.

Despite the fact that everyone’s perception of this evolution is not the same, everyone can discover and optimize their growth potential.


Some people need humane support and/or a nudge in the right direction to discover their true nature and potential.

Guiding your employees in these times of change through CORPORATE WELLBEING PROGRAMS  is therefore a must for any company that wants to grow into the company of the future….

For several years now, we have been conducting a happiness survey in various companies, in which we investigate what makes employees happy in the workplace. You can use it as a test to screen the feeling of happiness in your own company. Our ‘Happiness at work’ study has now also been supplemented with Covid-19 related themes that gauge energy, emotion and stressors that are specific to the corona period.