Endless connectivity

People today have more freedom because we can connect with anyone anywhere in the world in a split second. We can work wherever we want thanks to our smart devices.

But in many cases, this limitless connectivity can also bind us in an unhealthy way.

Our brain is mainly divided into three parts when it comes to working and/or learning.

Our reflex brain, which is a fast-moving autonomous security guard, is activated the moment there is only a hint of danger. We share this with the other animals on this beautiful planet.

What is typical of humanity is our thinking brain and our archiving brain. With our thinking brain we can reflect, analyze the past and make plans and projections for the future.

Our archiving brain processes new information/skills/sensations so that it frees up capacity from our thinking brain, which is limited and slow to use compared to the reflex brain.

This reflection and learning process takes place day and night.

With today’s endless connectivity and abundance of data, we tend to skip the archiving part because this part uses the same part of our brain as the thinking brain.

This results in restlessness, stress and much lower productivity in our behavior and learning cycle.

That’s why it’s important to regularly turn off your devices and disconnect from the world so that you can reconnect with yourself. Don’t let the beeps chase you! By using technology in a healthy way, with regular offline breaks, you can increase your productivity times four and halve your stress level.

Most smartphones offer an overview of your ‘screen time’ use. There are also several “apps” that you can use to record and analyze your online behavior. Take advantage of these applications and try to reduce your “online time” every week. Also be aware of the amount of time you spend in front of your computer: how much of this is really necessary, and how much is just unnecessary connectivity like surfing the web or scrolling through Facebook?

Source: Neuropsychiatrist Theo Compernolle –  ‘Unleash your brain