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Do you simply want to exercise more and relax during your working day? So that you feel good about yourself and can therefore be focused, efficient and energetic about your work every day? Then discover the various workouts from HelloFit!

With a varied schedule you work on a strong body, more energy and a happier feeling. In an accessible and fun way. And suitable for every level. From accessible short workouts to intensive training sessions, everything is possible. Discover the complete schedule here.

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Do you want to continue to challenge and develop yourself? Which can! As an ABN AMRO employee, you can attend various unique webinars, with which you can take the next step towards an even more vital life.

What to expect? Easy. The diverse range of webinars, based on science and given by experts with years of experience. About topics that will help you further. Discover the upcoming offer here.

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On January 20, 2022, the MyWellbeing program was introduced in the Netherlands.  

In the video, Gerard Penning (Chief HR officer) and ExBo member Choy van der Hooft-Cheong give why this program is so important. 

At the end of the video there is another demonstration of chair yoga.  


This program is also available to you.  Definitely worth a try !

And spread the word…… Ask your favourite colleague to join you! In this way, you can support, motivate and inspire each other. Get the best out of yourself and your colleagues

This program is available in Dutch or English.

“Wellbeing for me is about being aware of your mental and physical health”

We all want to feel good, both physically and mentally. An important element in this is the conscious use of energy. MyWellbeing can support us in this, whether we’re working from home or in the office.”

But how do you put this into practice in the daily helter-skelter of work?

We ask ExBo member Choy van der Hooft-Cheong (Chief Commercial Officer Wealth Management and MyWellbeing sponsor and ambassador) in an interview.

(This interview is the first personal story in a monthly series of colleagues on MyWellbeing.)

Choy, how nice to see the topic of well-being on the ExBo agenda. Why is it so important?

“I am glad that we now have well-being so clearly and integrally on the agenda, especially in this unfortunate COVID period. Because it is important, especially now, to pay attention to the physical, social-emotional and mental health of our colleagues. What with all the restrictions, we’re at home a lot and this still has an impact on all of us. More than ever, it is essential to keep looking at how you feel, whether the work you are doing energises you and how you can keep your energy level up for yourself, for our customers and for each other.”

What exactly does this mean for you in practice?

“In my experience, it comes down to taking good care of yourself: making time for yourself and organising your schedule well, but also in the form of movement. Not just for an hour in the evening or at lunchtime, but preferably all day long. Much research has been done on the effect of exercise and relaxation in the workplace. We sit – consciously and unconsciously – too long in one place during the working day, behind our screens. Personal leadership, setting a good example, is also important. That’s why I always share with colleagues that I sometimes exercise in the middle of the day, that I make time for my lunch and that I like to plan walking performance reviews. Our cultural values are also well aligned with this: Care, to take care of ourselves and others, to be the best ‘version’ of yourself; Courage, to also push through the work pressure, stress and all our interpersonal expectations once in a while; Collaboration, to have this as a common goal on the agenda and to help each other with it.”

Do you have examples of how you keep your energy level up?

“That’s one I don’t have to think about for long. First of all – and this is what I use my diary for – I have special blocks set in my diary for sports and lunch. In my busy schedule, my sports hours are really non-negotiable and my assistant helps me a lot in this respect. It’s not always easy in the role I have now, but I try to speak to everyone regularly, often in the form of a walk. For a good work-life balance, maintaining social contacts is important to me, so I regularly visit my family in Curaçao and enjoy dinner parties with friends. This is also part of well-being! So I call on everyone to not lose sight of this. In my time at Private Banking Netherlands, I started working with HRV (Heart Rhythm Variability; now to be found in MyLearning under Energy & Attention). It has made me more aware of my energy throughout the day and how important it is to recharge as well. On the HelloWellbeing platform (see information below) you can also do the Energy Check, which gives you an insight into what you can work on.”

Finally, what are your wishes when it comes to well-being?

“That is actually very simple: Awareness. Everyone I speak to agrees: we want to move more, we want to feel good and comfortable in the job we have, we want to be able to make a difference for our customers, the bank and society. Getting and taking time and rest for that literally gives air. I applaud everyone for taking that extra mile, but also for taking it on together. As a manager, you also have a responsibility in this, as do we all. Let us therefore ‘get moving’ in this area, both literally and figuratively, by jointly creating more awareness and setting a good example. By starting a dialogue with your team about this topic and talking about how people view a working day, and what colleagues need to keep mentally and physically fit. Learning together by sharing experiences and encouraging each other.”

Choy and Gerard Penning (Chief HR Officer) launched HelloWellbeing, the platform for moving and relaxing during the working day, on 20 January. You can watch the online kick-off video here: 

Join HelloWellbeing and recharge yourself

Working on your physical and mental energy? Want to keep your New Year’s resolutions? It’s easier than you think. Activate your HelloWellbeing account today! Because a break every now and then, plenty of exercise and bit of relaxation during your working day will allow you to work with more focus, energy and pleasure.

You can register directly for: HelloWellbeing

This is HelloWellbeing

Not to worry. We will keep it short.

HelloWellbeing is made up of the following modules:

  • HelloHabit. You work on healthy habits for more energy. By turning certain actions into a habit, they require less energy. After all, it then no longer involves making a decision or motivating yourself. Just do it!
  • HelloThuiswerken. You set up your workplace properly and work from home in a healthy way. Alternate tasks regularly or put in your earplugs and do a walking meeting. Can’t work out how to set up your workplace? We’ll advise you during a digital consultation.
  • HelloFit. As the name suggests, here you will find lessons for exercise and relaxation. Follow live training sessions with colleagues online for an extra boost or watch existing (on-demand) videos focused on cardio, strength and yoga, among others.
  • HelloEnergy. You get to work on your energy balance. Via an EnergyCheck (takes about 3 minutes) you discover your personal profile. Then follow various online training courses for more energy and to feel better about yourself.

You will work on your own as well as under supervision, so you don’t have to do it alone. This applies to all modules, except for HelloHabit.

Would you like more insight into HelloWellbeing? Then follow the introduction webinar, which you can find in HelloFit twice a week.

Extra tip: Ask your favourite colleague to join you! In this way, you can support, motivate and inspire each other.

Get the best out of yourself and your colleagues!

Sign up directly for HelloWellbeing from our partner HC Health. It’s very simple.

Create an account via this link, fill in your details and go through the questions. On the basis of your answers, you will receive personal information that suits your needs. This is all you need to get started!

So, what are you waiting for?

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