6 Lifestyle tips for a cheerful mood

“A healthy lifestyle can counteract depression!”
Stephen Ilardi (Researcher University Kansas.)

But how do you start with this? The American psychologist Stephen Ilardi drew up a 6-step plan based on various insights to get started with this!

Medicines, talking, brain implants, … Stephen Ilardi is convinced that we as modern humans can live without it if we start living more to our nature. In his book ‘The Depression Cure’ he describes 6 lifestyle rules known as ‘Therapeutic Lifestyle Change’. Stephen is convinced that by combining these insights, you can get out of clinical depression on your own. Research at our own university confirmed the effectiveness of TLC.

After all, the individual steps of the plan are based on thorough research.



Omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of our brain. These are largely found in oily fish, nuts, and leafy vegetables. Ilardi also recommends an omega-3 supplement in your daily diet.


Make sure you don’t have time to worry! Make sure you have nice company or a meaningful activity! Do you catch yourself worrying? Write your thoughts down and actively direct your attention to something else.


Exercise is a great medicine for depression! It activates the production of neurotransmitters in the brain and stimulates the growth of new connections. When you sit on a chair all day, 3 x half an hour of brisk walking a week can do great wonders!


Anyone who can enjoy the sun every day produces sufficient serotonin, melatonin and Vitamin D. These substances take care of your biological clock and ensure a healthy sleep! So go outside!


Anyone who feels lonely gets sick! Depression causes you to lose the appetite for company and therefore prefer to be alone. Break that vicious circle! Buying a pet can be a good start!


Sleep problems and depression are directly linked! So make sure you have a healthy sleeping pattern! Avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can help with this. Take care of your biological clock!

Source: Stephen Ilardi, The Depression Cure. Six steps to get rid of your depression without medication