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effective and cost-efficient Corporate Wellbeing policy

We use a unique way to guide employees and HR

Giving employees more happiness at work, more satisfaction and less stress. And this with a minimal burden on HR. That’s our goal. We don’t shy away from anything. Every company is different in culture, values, employee population and budget. Thanks to our flexible services, we can offer a suitable approach for everyone.

We work together with our own coaches and experts, but we are open to others. The extensive CoWeCo range of workshops, programs and coaching sessions can be supplemented by company initiatives and external parties. The platform allows to offer all types of activities to the employees, to provide a unified overall picture for employee and employer.

We support the employees in a holistic way through testing and personal advice in the mental and physical area, but also lifestyle and personal evolution. We provide continuous guidance that connects all aspects of a person.

Our methodology is scientifically substantiated. We base our working method on the ABC theory of happiness, research by H. Freudenberger and J.L. Wilson, S. Haubourdin’s corporate wellbeing expertise and collaborations with several universities.

Through various studies and our experiences as the founder of corporate wellbeing, supplemented with new insights from the teachings of IE University, we can offer services that are constantly evolving with the Human Resources Management of the future.

Optimal teamwork and positive company culture

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We are happy to discuss all the possibilities of our working method together, with or without the use of our digital platform.

Test and analysis

Insights are provided on an individual as well as on a company level. Stress, talents, happiness at work, lifestyle,...


Support employees in a targeted manner with activities that are necessary based on test results.


Clear overviews of the current situation. Visible evolutions, trends, comparison with benchmarks, insights and ROI in a simple way.


Every employee can be reached via our digital platform, everything is treated confidentially and everything is streamlined and standardized.

Employee guidance from recruitment to departure

Hiring the right person, not from a gut feeling but based on analysis.

Immediately introduce a new employee to the team and the entire company in a positive way.

Make employees grow according to their natural potential. Optimizing teams, increasing happiness at work. Reduce stress with a healthy company culture.

End a collaboration in a good way, optionally with guidance and advice towards a new suitable work environment.

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